The Family Altar Daily Devotional Book

Family Altar Book
  • 366 Daily Devotions - 1 per page
  • Daily Scripture quotation from the King James Version
  • Daily inspiration thought, pertaining to the daily scripture quotation, taken from the messages of Bro. William Branham.
  • Additional scripture readings listed each day will lead you through your entire Bible in one year.
  • Coil bound for durability and ease of use. (These books will not fall apart)

Forward by Pastor Ed Byskal:
"Every family that avails itself of the spiritual riches within the covers of this book will be immeasurably blessed."

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Polish Family Altar

To obtain a Family Altar book in Polish
Click here

Or contact:
Wladek Krzok
Guty 74
73955 Smilovice
Czech Republic
tel. +420775225542

Dutch Family Altar

Dutch translations of Family Altar and Family Altar 2 are now available. These are printed and distibuted by believers in the Netherlands.
To obtain further information.
Click here

German Family Altar

A German translation of the Family Altar is now available.
To order contact the address below:
Olaf Rentzsch
Auerbacher Strasse 19
08309 Eibenstock

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